Teaming back up with this great producer/beatmaker was incredibly special. Following a challenging recovery from an extremely rare and potentially life-threatening brain disorder, Jennifer Lee a/k/a TOKiMONSTA returned with the wonderful Lune Rouge. Joined by guests like SAINTS, Selah Sue, Isaiah Rashad, Joey Purp, Ambré Perkins, Yuna, and IO, the album found Jennifer honing her wide array of influences and sounds into a cohesive set of supernatural pop songs. (And receiving a Grammy nomination to boot!) MNDR is featured on the tropical-tinged electro-pop single, “We Love,” which is also accompanied by a striking music video.

  • Release date: 10/06/2017
  • Record Label: Young Art Sound
  • Listed in:


  1. Lune
  2. Rouge
  3. Thief (feat. Saints)
  4. I Wish I Could (feat. Selah Sue)
  5. We Love (feat. MNDR)
  6. Bibimbap
  7. NO WAY (feat. Isaiah Rashad, Joey Purp & Ambré)
  8. Don't Call Me (feat. Yuna)
  9. Rose's Thorn
  10. Early to Dawn (feat. Selah Sue)
  11. Estrange (feat. IO Echo)