While LVCRFT’s flirtatious “Bite” was readymade to soundtrack a spooky night of debauchery, this super group of hitmakers enlisted MNDR to strip their track down to its electro skeleton. With not much more than a dark, creepy pulse and some bubbling synths, MNDR directs the listeners to a hidden, back-alley dance club in which the smell of cloves and hairspray fills the air and everyday is, indeed, Halloween for its black-clad patrons.

  • Release date: 10/16/2020
  • Record Label: Spooky Never Sleeps
  • Listed in:


  1. Psycho (RAC Mix) [featuring redruMNDR]
  2. Bite (MNDR Remix)
  3. Dead Heart Beat (Coven-19 Remix) [featuring John Kassir & Uffie The Vampire Slayer]
  4. Exercise The Demons (unDeadMouse Remix) [featuring Olivia Demon Spawn & Bruce Campbell]