This remix edition of Jai Wolf’s Kindred Spirits EP includes two very different re-workings of his collaboration with MNDR. With a neon wall of filtered synths synched to the throbbing rhythm, Party Pupils transform the nostalgic, ’80s-inspired electro-pop of “Like It’s Over” into a future-funk banger aimed straight at the dance floor. In contrast, Sydney-based producer Howle notches down the tempo to a slow burn and turns up the heartbreak. It’s here atop the quiet, spacious arrangement that MNDR pulls from a deep well of emotions and delivers a 21st century torch song.

  • Release date: 11/18/2016
  • Record Label: Mom + Pop
  • Listed in:


  1. Indian Summer (Kasbo Remix)
  2. Gravity (feat. JMR) [Hotel Garuda Remix]
  3. Gravity (feat. JMR) [Robotaki Remix]
  4. Like It's Over (feat. MNDR) [Party Pupils Remix]
  5. Like It's Over (feat. MNDR) [Howle Remix]
  6. The World Is Ours (Vindata Remix)
  7. The World Is Ours (VIRTU Remix)
  8. Drive (feat. Chain Gang of 1974) [Billboard Remix]