Released: 27/07/2021

“Want” may be the shortest song on MNDR’s recent Hell to Be You Baby LP by a good two minutes, but something about the track’s ambient, building guitar presence translates perfectly to the concept the LA-based producer and songwriter had for her “Neighborhoods” set, in which she stretches the track out to an engaging five minutes which climaxes with hair-raising guitar distortion. In direct contrast to this mounting chaos, though, the Community Chorus vocal ensemble—a “persistence-themed chorus” formed in 2017 in response to protest fatigue—provide harmonies that anchor the recording, persisting long after MNDR has exited stage right.

“This very special collaboration with MNDR was our first IRL meeting since January 2020 (we have been meeting online during quarantine),” shares CC’s Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, who’s credited with choral arrangement for the performance. “It was a waking dream, psychedelic on so many levels. We love MNDR!”

Watch the performance below. Hell To Be You Baby is out now via WonderSound Records.