Long time friends and collaborators SSION & MNDR.  MNDR wrote on many of these songs and featured on a couple.  SSION directed her #1 In Heaven Video from Feed Me Diamonds.

  • Release date: 11 May 2018
  • Record Label: SSION


  1. Big As I Can Dream
  2. Comeback
  3. Forming
  4. Dogs on Asphalt (feat. Melissa Burns, Contessa Stuto & Jennifer Herrema)
  5. At Least The Sky is Blue (feat. Ariel Pink)
  6. Inherit
  7. The Cruel Twirl (feat. Róisín Murphy)
  8. 1980-99 (feat. Patty Schemel & Sky Ferreira)
  9. Marc & Me
  10. Let Me Down Like U (feat. MNDR)
  11. Tell Me About It
  12. Free Lunch (Break) [feat. Devendra Banhart]
  13. Heaven Is My Thing Again (feat. MNDR, Jametatone, & Ian Isiah)