SSION has been a longtime friend and collaborator with MNDR and the WonderSound crew, which includes directing her fabulous “#1 in Heaven” video from 2012’s Feed Me Diamonds. 2018’s O marked his first album in seven years, and featured an array of guests including Contessa Stuto, Royal Trux’s Jennifer Herrema, Ariel Pink, Rósín Murphy, Hole’s Patty Schemel, Sky Ferreira, Devendra Banhart, and more. In addition to sharing writing credits on many of the tracks, MNDR takes the mic on the buoyant, Prince-inspired “Let Me Down Like U” and the infectious indie-disco album closer “Heaven Is My Thing Again,” a hidden track that also features Jametatone and Ian Isiah.

  • Release date: 05/11/2018
  • Record Label: SSION
  • Listed in:


  1. Big As I Can Dream
  2. Comeback
  3. Forming
  4. Dogs on Asphalt (feat. Melissa Burns, Contessa Stuto & Jennifer Herrema)
  5. At Least The Sky is Blue (feat. Ariel Pink)
  6. Inherit
  7. The Cruel Twirl (feat. Róisín Murphy)
  8. 1980-99 (feat. Patty Schemel & Sky Ferreira)
  9. Marc & Me
  10. Let Me Down Like U (feat. MNDR)
  11. Tell Me About It
  12. Free Lunch (Break) [feat. Devendra Banhart]
  13. Heaven Is My Thing Again (feat. MNDR, Jametatone, & Ian Isiah)