This companion EP to Silversun Pickups’ 2015 long-player, Better Nature, is equally split between remixes from MNDR, JR JR, and Joywave and three acoustic versions of album singles recorded for Seattle’s KEXP. MNDR reworks the fuzzy, atmospheric rock of “Nightlight” into an urgent, propulsive remix that was first heard on The Howard Stern Show. The LA band’s maximalist sonic template is stripped back to a dark, driving pulse for much of this remix, allowing the music to shape-shift between foreboding tension and anthemic release.

  • Release date: 10/13/2017
  • Record Label: New Machine Recordings
  • Listed in:


  1. Nightlight (MNDR Remix)
  2. Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance) [JR JR Remix]
  3. Latchkey Kids (Joywave Remix)
  4. Nightlight (Acoustic)
  5. Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance) [Acoustic]
  6. Latchkey Kids (Acoustic)