An explosive, kinetic cry for help and connection, neither MNDR nor collaborators Peter Wade, Evan Bogart, Big Data, and Scott Hoffman (a/k/a Babydaddy from Scissor Sisters) could have known at the time that “Save Me” — written and recorded in 2019 — would foreshadow the dark year to come. With the world’s collective conscience now longing for a recent past that seems like a century ago, “Save Me” bursts out of speakers and headphones to offer a temporary escape from the loss, loneliness, and lockdowns of 2020. Taking a page from the KLF’s mythical playbook, pop/anti-pop sentiments run concurrent with not-too-subtle throwback nods at ‘90s house music via the loping rhythms and staccato piano stabs. What results is a dance-floor anthem for voguing in your own private nightclub, be it your living room, bedroom or backyard.

  • Release date: 09/12/2019
  • Record Label: WonderSound Records
  • Cat. no: WSR035
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  1. Save Me