The follow-up to 2012’s Feed Me Diamonds has long been in the making, but the release of the anthemic Mark Ronson and Peter Wade-produced single, “Hell to Be You Baby,” signals that the new album is imminent! “Let’s get down, here we go” … MNDR wastes no time in getting to the point. In spite of its euphoric house piano and big beat rhythm, the album’s title track takes a broad swipe at the toxicity of self-obsession and the grand illusion spawned in social media and pop culture. Make no mistake, however, this is a clarion call to the dance floor — just please, no selfies.
Indie film fans may pick up a few nods to Trent Harris’s cult classic Beaver Trilogy in the official music video, which features Lawrence Rothman playing the role of MNDR.
Anti-pop artist MNDR has been working on her sophomore album Hell To Be You Baby as soon as the Feed Me Diamonds tour ended. With features including Empress Of, Choir Boy, GIRLI, SSION, and Hirakish, the album reflects MNDR’s dread and love of pop culture told through a fictional story of cults and cult leaders. Since her initial offerings released over a decade ago, she’s watched the growth of social media’s opiate effect on society in real-time, informing the lyrical narrative of Hell To Be You Baby. “The inner conflicts I have towards the cult of personality and self-obsession and social media as an attack on mental health and society as a whole keeps me laying in bed awake all night. I guess I come at music with a comfy contrarian experimental punk idealism of the past that constantly rubs against my love of catchy modern pop music. My only conclusion to all of this inner dissonance is to sit back as I am consuming and being consumed…is to say to myself It Must Be Hell To Be You Baby…with a terrified smirk.” In September 2019, MNDR released the album’s first official single “Save Me.” When she planned to release her album and the news of her firstborn child, the global pandemic hit, resulting in a delay.
  • Release date: 06/25/2021
  • Record Label: WonderSound Records
  • Cat. no: WSR039
  • Listed in:


  1. Open
  2. Cult Of Me (with GIRLI)
  3. Hell To Be You Baby
  4. Eyes Light Up
  5. Love In Reverse (with Empress Of)
  6. Save Me (with Tina Halladay of Sheer Mag)
  7. Dove (with Choir Boy)
  8. Fragile
  9. Mind (with SSION & Hirakish
  10. Want
  11. Awake
  12. Gone